Monday, September 8, 2008

To-Do List Mania!

I've already had a semi-productive morning, which helps with motivation for the rest of today's to-do list! Monday is always a big cleaning day, since we like to spend the bulk of our weekends doing church/family stuff, not cleaning.

Today I hope to accomplish most of the following:

1. Vaccuum upstairs/stairs
2. clean bathroom
3. re-organize my home management binder
4. make dinner (this is a must:)
5. wash and hang diapers
6. put away the last couple loads of laundry
7. work on Wycliffe application
8. take library books back (yikes...the grace period is now non-existent and I have gotten FINED!)
8b. this isn't part of my to-do list, but I just have to mention that the mailman and garbage man are having a duel with their respective vehicles out in our street right now. Who's gonna win?:)

Well I know there is more that should be on the list, but I think that's enough to start:) This pic is how I kept my sanity on crazy no-nap day on Friday! Thanks to our friends Ron and Miriam for letting us borrow this sweet ride!

1 comment:

Veggie said...

Wow, you're so organized.

I know what you mean about the library fines, I got fined $8. at the beginning of the summer for overdue DVD's. But, at least it's still better than I would have paid to rent them.