Monday, January 26, 2009

Fun with Missionary Friends from Brazil

Since finding out our acceptance to Wycliffe earlier this month, we have been more and more excited about how real and more imminent the possibility of going overseas is for us. We were so happy to have the opportunity to have missionaries from one of the countries we are considering service to over for dinner (with another wonderful couple from our church) last week.

They were so encouraging and excited about their ministry and Brazil that it was infectious. M took to Jim right away and read lots of books in his lap during our evening together:) J & J asked if they could take M back with them to Brazil!

As far as our plans go, we are anxious to get on the field. Sometimes we feel like running ahead of God's plans for us because they seem so far off! The soonest we will be on the field (after the training schedule Wycliffe/JAARS has for aviation personnel) will be summer/fall of 2010. If we don't have the required support by this winter, it will be another full year until we leave. Some days we just want to pack up and go now!!

We love our church family, friends and family though, so are enjoying the time God has for us here before we go. Daniel's job, not so much, but in this economy, we are practicing being thankful for the fact that he even has a job!

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The Keevy Family said...

It's great to hear your plans, and how exciting that is for your family! Thanks for sharing.