Thursday, January 1, 2009

Menu Plan uh...Thursday

Since we were gone for half the week for Christmas, I am going to menu plan for the rest of this week along with all of next week all in one shot. I did my shopping at Fred Meyer and Safeway to supplement a still-full pantry and freezer, but empty fridge.

Breakfasts: choco-chip-cereal muffins (I just made a batch of 24 of these), cornbread and honey, cold cereal, scones

Lunches: leftovers;)


Thursday (tonight!): to friends' house to eat

Friday: Homemade Cheesy Pizza and some sort of veggies

Saturday: Chicken N' Dumplins

Sunday: Beans and Rice (I bought a huge bag of pinto beans and organic brown rice at Costco while at my parents' I am stocked for the economic meltdown now;); corn muffins, broccoli

Monday: Macaroni and Cheese with leftover ham mixed in and peas

Tuesday: Stir Fry-Chicken and broccoli over lots of brown rice (can you tell I got cheap broccoli this week:)?

Wednesday: Bean and Cheese Quesadillas with green beans

Thursday: Skillet Beef w/ lentils (More with Less)

Friday: Hawaiian Pizza (homemade)

Saturday: Baked Chicken with mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables

Sunday: Grilled cheese on homemade whole wheat bread, pickles and soup

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