Monday, January 12, 2009

Tonight's dinner and sick baby in the dryer

For dinner tonight I am making Farmhouse Chicken Casserole. This is a really good casserole, but is more labor intensive than the typical casserole that I make. I made it healthier with organic whole grain stuffing (on clearance!) and extra veggies. Here is a picture since I thought to snap it:

And for bonus fun, here is my baby girl, who is sick and kept her poor mommy (yes, trying to elicit sympathy here:) up most of the night (check out the snotty nose:) whose favorite "hide out" is now the dryer. She likes to pull the door almost all of the way shut! Not one of my safest play spots for her, but I keep a close eye when she heads that way:)

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CC said...

Love the look in that last pic!!!!