Friday, January 9, 2009

This week's frugal highlights

This has been an interesting week. We listed a ton of books on Paperback Swap and will soon have close to 10 credits! Any good book recommendations?

I have received lots of nice comments about my Really Good Beans & Rice. If you haven't tried it, try it tonight! Its cheap, reasonably healthy and tastes so good.

Another tip this week that will save you money on late fees and make you thankful you are not as cool as me is to check closely to make sure you are putting mail in the blue mailbox, not the blue garbage can:)

And finally, we've switched to cloth diapers at night as well.

Here are my financial (and personal) goals for the next few months, before girlie #2 is born.

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1 comment:

Mom2fur said...

Oh, no, the garbage can instead of the mailbox? Time to paint that can pink, LOL!