Tuesday, January 27, 2009

January 25th Grocery Shopping and Substitutions

This week I tried a new recipe, and although I don't advocate changing recipes on the first try, I do it all the time!

I made Breakfast Cake from Heavenly Homemakers, but didn't want the fat or expense of a full cup of butter. I also did not have honey, which is the sole sweetener (besides fruit) in the recipe. Apples to the rescue once again!

For half the butter, I subbed applesauce, pictured two pictures below (unsweetened, although if you use sweetened you can cut back on other sweeteners in the recipe). For the honey, I used the same proportion of applejuice and a few teaspoons of splenda. It was pleasantly sweet, but not overly so. Just be prepared for the baking times to change due to different levels of moisture in the recipe (this took almost 15 minutes longer to bake).

Although I didn't get pictures of my entire grocery trip this week, I pictured a unique trip-to Costco! We don't use our membership a lot, but it was nice to be able to get two things we use a lot of: applesauce and salsa in their organic form for slightly cheaper than I have gotten them on sale for recently. I spent about $12on those (4 jars organic natural applesauce and 1 large jar organic medium salsa) and it went on a Christmas giftcard.

From my regular budget came the following from Fred Meyer, my only stop for shopping this week:

salsa (before I knew I would go to Costco)
reduced fat sour cream (my husband loves ranch dip on so many things...he blames me for this acquired taste:)
Kraft light ranch
Whole Wheat Pastry Flour
2 onions
3 lbs bananas
1 package reduced baby spinach
whole fryer chicken
2 frozen veggies: mixed and peas

$18.xx total

Next week will be a big stock up week most likely since it is the beginning of the month, but we'll have to see what the sales look like (here's to hoping for a big Safeway Savings Ralley!)

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Latte said...

organic applesauce...my kind of food!


AllyJo said...

I love applesauce and vanilla yogurt mixed together. I left you a present on my blog today. God bless you. I'm jealous of your baby. Do you know what you're having?

Sarah said...


We absolutely adore the "fresh" salsa at Costco - the kind found in the refrigerated section normally near the vegetable area. It is AWESOME and lasts a long time after you open it. It's almost as good as my homemade! :)