Saturday, March 1, 2008

Amazing Albertson's Savings

I started our "grocery month" a little early since I knew I'd be near Albertson's anyway earlier this week. I love it when they have their buy X number of products (specified), get $3 off or whatever. Sometimes, when the stars align;), I also have coupons for a bunch of the products making it a super fab deal. That was this week. So for my first shopping trip for "March", I spent $17.40 and got all this:

(I will break it down by transaction chunks, although they were all in the same transaction)
9 Steamfresh veggie packets (had $1/3 off coupons)
1 Hidden Valley Ranch packet (great for Taco Soup! yum)
= $4.00 after coupon and savings

1 Honey Bunches of Oats with choc clusters ($2/1 coupon)
1 Welch's Grape Jam (.50/1 coupon)
1 Daisy S.Cream (.50/1 coupon)
1 dozen egg
1 Smart Balance Butter (.50/1 coupon)
=$3.50 after coupons and savings(approx)

1 Honey Bunches of Oats with choc clusters ($2/1 coupon)
1 Dole All Natural Fruit Jar (.50/1)
Splenda packets
2 Dozen Eggs
=$4.50 after coupons and savings(approx)

2 5lbs C&H Sugar (.50/2 coupon)
Newman's own Casear dressing (we love this and it can be expensive)
1 Welch's sparling grape Juice ($1.00/1) (a treat for me!)
=4.60 (approx)

The final total for all this goodness, which also happens to be a bunch of stuff we'll actually use, was $17.40! I probably wrote some of the coupons down a little off(.05 or so), so that takes care of the funky math;)

Someday, when I am really cool and not running home with a tired/hungry baby, I will share pictures too.


D said...

Rach! Look on MoneySavingMom! I posted right after you! Isn't that fun!!!
Good job! I got a little bit at albertsons too-- the cashier was amazed!

Crystal DuBois said...

is this Albertson's deal still going? I went today, and I didn't see it in the circular.

Rachael said...

Denaye: that is too fun;)!

Crystal: the Albertson's deal is going through this Tuesday in the NW where I live. It was on the back page of our flier, if that helps!

Angela said...

Great job--you did it smarter than me. And thanks for posting on my new blog--I've been lurking/enjoying your's for a few weeks now.