Monday, March 31, 2008

Back from Camp...early. And two praises!

My little "happy camper" wasn't so much on the happy part at camp this weekend. At least at night. Mommy and girlie didn't sleep much, so we decided to hitch a ride back home with two of our youth gentlemen (and I meant that sincerely, they were very gentlemenly;) this morning. Girlie loved being held by all the youth girls and leaders and getting so much attention, but I think it all left her a little over-stimulated by night time. Anyway, we are back now and I am catching up on our ginormous laundry pile and various other things like grocery shopping that need to get done.

The cool thing about arriving home 2 days early from camp was that I was here for the arrival of our sweet new technology...our Dell laptop!! We've been planning on getting one (a requirement for school in the fall) for some time, and finally got a check from our "fair housing" settlement for $600, plus some Christmas and tax rebate money to pay for it. God's provision for this laptop has been a testimony to His unmerited goodness to us. Not only that but I checked our mail and not only did I get some sweet free photo paper in the mail, but a $100 check from Walgreen's Spa Rewards (from last fall!!!). I guess momma has some shoppin' to do;) Lately I've been having a hard time thinking of what to do with money like this (or for a Christmas or Birthday present). We have no debt, and we are in the process of downsizing our apt. so we can move frequently with ease (since that is what we'll be doing every 9 months or so for the next 3 years)!Here is what I think I might like to do with some of it: buy some home hair clippers (since I finally got permission to start cutting my husband's hair...pray for me!;), suprise my hubby with a dinner out with a coupon (he only reads this blog when I show him something on it;) or buy some fancy goodies for a picnic out, and maybe buy a gift cert for a family that we know needs a night out more than us. What would you do with a semi-unexpected $100 (besides pay down debt/buy groceries, etc.?)

Well, Punker-nootie's nap is almost over, so I better get busy!

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Anonymous said...

I think I would probably stock up thing that doesn't usually go on sale-just because right now we are really trying to save money so we can build a house next year. But then would be nice to go out to dinner-or if you didn't want to spend that much money-you could always just go out and have a coffee at Starbucks or something. That way you still feel like you got to do something that you normally don't. It's funny-Fernando and I are always saying when we get some extra money we are going to do this and this and this. Then when we do get some unexpected money we feel guilty about blowing it so we usually put it towards something more important! It is a hard choice! What did you decide?