Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lots of cheap goodies at Safeway & Walgreen's

Here is a very bad photo (but we have a new camera this should be our last round of bad pics!) of our haul from Safeway. Its actually from last week, but we were out of town last weekend. Pictured above are several gallons of organic milk, lots of beef, cabbage, apples, cottage cheese singles, yogurts, lots of name brand cereal and lots more, and since it was all front-page loss leaders or reduced, it came to be around $19.00!

At Walgreen's we finally found the elusive Venus Embrace Razor, which I had a $2.00 off coupon for, (razor price $9.99) and register rewards were generated for $5.00, along with continued eligibility for a full rebate this month (since they were out most everywhere last month!). After all is said and done, I will not only have made $2.00 on this purchase, but I used the register reward to buy diapers so they were only $1.50 out of pocket! If only we had a CVS...;)

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