Thursday, March 27, 2008

Do it myself Hair: Cut and Color

So out of a bit of desperation last weekend, I broke down and cut and colored my hair myself. Actually my mom assisted me, which was a dangerous proposition(hi mom!) if you see pics of how she cut my bangs when I was a little tyke! Anyhow, I have been trying to get in to the local skills center beauty school (or cosmetology to be more politically correct;) to get my hair cut/colored for almost two months, but no dice. I work M,T,W generally, so those days are out, and recently I've had meetings on Thursday afternoons when my babysitter or my lovely Pastor's wife could watch my punkin'. I can't afford to get my hair done in a salon on the weekends when hubby is available, so I was at an impass. I've done the color thing myself for years previously (and messed it up more times than I can count!) but never even attempted cutting my own hair, I think for good reason!

But desperation puts things in a new light, so last weekend at my parents' house, I enlisted my mom, used some free haircolor from Walgreen's, a pair of sharp scissors and mustered up some courage! I have long hair, so I had a lot left even if I really did a number on my hair. So DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME unless you either have more training than me, or have lots of hair left to lose;) I can actually say I was pleased with my results. The first pic is the scientifically based method I used to cut the hair;) I tried doing it other ways, but I have thick hair and I didn't have anyone willing to help with the back (and I don't let my sweet mother cut anyplace I can't see;). The result is a good amount of layer and it looks pretty decent if I put some product in it. Oh and I did the bangs myself, but I am growing out part of them...I don't like the heavy big bang look they gave me last time I went to the school to get it done. I cut about 3 inches off the botton, for your information;)

Visit Biblical Womanhood for some great frugal ideas(I can't say more great ideas, because this would imply my idea was a sane and GOOD one, which I can't say it was!)


Tami said...

I happen to think that your hair looks awesome. And I love your bangs! I still envy your straight hair :)

AllyJo said...

It looks lovely. You're more brave than myself. I did that one time in high school and it came out as short as Molly Ringwalds. Maybe I could try it again.

Christie said...

I think it looks great! I'm impressed! I might have to try it myself... my hair's pretty thin, and I need some layers badly, but I hate paying to have it done. Did you just put it in a ponytail and cut?

Rachael said...

Christie: The picture isn't a good portrayal of how much I bent over to cut the hair. I put my ponytail on the very top of my head while leaning all the way over and had my mom cut it straight across. Make sure and cut less than you think you want cut off first! I only did it once and luckily it was the right amount. If you have shorter hair, you get less chances for making mistakes;) And I think I mentioned this in the post but there were a few scraggly pieces from where my thick hair didn't get pulled completely straight into the ponytail, but for the most part I was good to go immediately. I will be cutting my hair this way for awhile I think;)

Christie said...

Thanks for the extra info! I'm definitely going to give this a try... hopefully I'll have equally positive results! :)