Saturday, March 8, 2008

Adios catalina, come back soon!

Pictured here is what I got with my last $20 catalina from last month's Savings Rally at Safeway.

5 cases Pepsi products (yes, i know bad for me. But I loves me some soda). Buy 2/Get 3 free. Pretty decent deal
Ground beef (sale $2.49/lb) not that great, but I've been watching for sales for a MONTH. i think there is a no good deals on ground beef conspiracy here or something.
1 avocado $1.50 again, not that hot of a deal. But it will make 8-10 mini meals for my little one, just starting on solids.
5 lbs white flour $1.25, good deal here. I do the 1/2 white 1/2 whole wheat deal when baking.
32 oz. mozz. cheese. $4.99 Pretty good deal for these parts. For tonights pizza.
5 boxes of cereal $2.00 total. Great deal! Some of these will go to my little bro, who is a poor college student who thinks my blog is dorky. I am so hurt!;)
1/2 gallon vanilla icecream $2.98 for fellowship group, which we are hosting this week to go with brownies!

Total $7.46! Okay, so like the title suggests, I had a catalina ($20 to be exact) from the Safeway Savings Rally. It expires tomorrow, so I worked out a plan to get some great deals (soda, cereal and cheese) and some things we need in the near future that weren't on a super sale anywhere else (ice cream, avocado, ground beef). So if I hadn't had the catalina, it would've been $27.46, which is still decent considering I bought 5 12 packs of pepsi and 5 boxes of name brand cereal!

What deals did you see at Safeway this week?

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AllyJo said...

You have a great blog. I haven't been in here in about a month. Ack! I have to link to you. I'll check out and try your recipes. I love carmel corn! I eat it for breakfast, lunch and midnight snack.

Blessings to you.